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To begin, you need an API key, which provides you access to the data.

The APIs are called with HTTPS protocol using both GET and POST methods depending on the target. Search terms are sent in JSON format in POST requests, and in path or as URL query in GET requests.


Language of the data content can be selected by specifying the language in request header or parameter. Default language is Finnish (fi). You can request the content also in English (en). Be aware that not all content necessarily have translation.

Example using header:

curl -u "<API key>:" -H "Accept-Language: en" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/reservation/180733

Example using request parameter ‘l’ (small letterl ‘L’):

curl -u "<API key>:" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/reservation/180733?l=en

If both are provided, the request parameter takes presedence.


Format of the date is always “yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm” in JSON data, if not stated otherwise. For example “2014-10-22T13:30”.


Authentication of the APIs uses HTTP Basic Auth method, where the API key is username and password is empty.

For example when using cURL, the username is provided by ‘u’ parameter. The colon after the username (API key) prevents it from asking the password.

curl -u "<API key>:" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/reservation/180733

Available information

Click on a link to get description of each API. Example request is provided at the end of the description.