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Computer status

Search available and occupied computers on TAMK premises. Computers can be searched by campus, building, floor and class room using the computer network name as a filter. Also there are predefined campus areas, such as the Main Campus library. All searches can be narrowed to free or occupied computers.

API address: https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus
See API documentation in Swagger UI

Field Type Description
computerName text Network name of the computer
status text Status of the computer; “free” or “inuse”
className text Technical code of the classroom
numberOfMachines number The amount of computers in the classroom
roomCode text Official room code of the classroom
campus text Campus where the computer is located at
campusArea text Possible predefined campus area, where the computer is located at

Computer search

Simple search

The basic search is based on computer network name. All TAMK study computers have a network name following this pattern:

  • 1 character for campus
    • K = Kuntokatu Main Campus
    • M = Mediapolis
  • 4-5 characters for location/room code
  • 2 characters for sequential number
  • 2 characters for optional suffix

The computer designated for lecturer has a sequential number of ’00’.

Example names
Computer named KA11301 is located at Kuntokatu Main Campus, building A, on the first floor, in room A1-13, and it’s a computer number 01.
Computer named M2005214 is located at Mediapolis, on the second floor, in room 20052, and it’s a computer number 14.

All rooms and their infomation, such as the campus area, can be listed by making a call to url https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus/rooms

Example: get all computers

curl -u "<API key>:" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus/computers/

Example: get all free computers

curl -u "<API key>:" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus/computers/?status=free

Example: get all free computers in Kuntokatu building A

curl -u "<API key>:" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus/computers/KA?status=free

Example: get all free computers in Kuntokatu building B, 3rd floor

curl -u "<API key>:" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus/computers/KB3?status=free

Example: get all free computer in Kuntokatu library

curl -u "<API key>:" https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus/campusareas/Library?status=free

Advanced search

The ‘search’ method of the API allows combining search terms. Use POST method and JSON format in the query. Available search fields are:

Field Type Description
roomcode list List of room codes (example: [“A1-13″,”A2-16”])
campus list List of campuses (possible values: Kuntokatu, Mediapolis)
campusArea list List of predefined campus areas (possible values: Library, Kuntokatu4, Y-kampus)
status text Status of the computer; “free” or “inuse”
computername list List of computer network names

Search is “AND” between different fields. Parameters of ‘list’ type are “OR” between the elements inside the same list.

Example: get all free computers in rooms A1-13 and A2-16

curl -u "<API key>:" -X POST -H application/json https://opendata.tamk.fi/r1/computerstatus/search -d '{"roomcode":["A1-13","A2-16"],"status":"free"}'

Example of the response

  "computer" : [ {
    "computerName" : "KA21600",
    "status" : "free",
    "room" : {
      "className" : "ka216",
      "numberOfMachines" : 21,
      "roomCode" : "A2-16",
      "campus" : "Kuntokatu",
      "campusArea" : null
  }, {
    "computerName" : "KA21606",
    "status" : "free",
    "room" : {
      "className" : "ka216",
      "numberOfMachines" : 21,
      "roomCode" : "A2-16",
      "campus" : "Kuntokatu",
      "campusArea" : null
  } ]